This magical stretch of beach close to Brisbane is known for its accessibility to anyone with a 4X4 – including nervous mums and Vespa-riding teens
Where else can you dodge sandcastles, watch whales and get bogged in the sand all in the same day. Teewah Beach in Queensland, Australia, stretches for over 40 miles, with the Pacific Ocean crashing on one side and multi-coloured dune formations towering on the other. Most normal roads don't tend to have kids with buckets and spades digging holes in the middle of them

For all the reasons above, Teewah Beach is our go-to magic spot. It’s an easy two-hour drive north of Brisbane up the Bruce Highway and once over the Noosa River Ferry, within minutes you’re looking out over the southern end of Teewah and the beginnings of the Great Sandy National Park..
Teewah Beach extends from Double Island Point in Cooloola, Gympie Region through Noosa North Shore in the Shire of Noosa to the Noosa River in Queensland, Australia. It is part of the Great Sandy National Park.

For much of its length it is a designated road under Queensland government legislation. It is subject to the same laws governing speeding, drink driving and wearing a seatbelt. For 4WD enthusiasts, the beach provides an access way to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island.

But as locals know, the use of the beach by 4WD enthusiasts is a contentious issue. Many environmentalists see the 4WD car as a factor in the degradation of beach eco-systems. Others see it as their only means of experiencing a wilderness area and good fishing. Road safety issues remain a concern, however, with numerous accidents and fatalities each season, many involving tourists who are not accustomed to the hazards of driving on a beach.

One of the most spectacular views comeS from the Teewah Coloured Sands - a stretch of sand cliffs along Teewah Beach within Noosa North Shore. The cliffs are up to 200 metres in height and the sand is in a range of colours, created through natural combinations of iron oxide and vegetable dyes.

The Leisha Track connects the Rainbow Beach side to the Teewah Beach side and is often tricky to access with overhanging sticks impeding entry. Tides play a vital role in enabling movement along this stretch and as a general rule sightseers should plan their travel no later than 2 hours either side of low tide.


  1. Australia is a beauty which I know very less about. I think I need to drive my attention towards that :) Love Teewah beach, the golden sand, the beautiful sunset...a must visit place. Added to my bucket list.

  2. It sure does look like beautiful fun beach to go to. So great you are able to drive your 4X4 .

  3. What a great spot! I've never been to Australia, but it's definitely on my list of must visit places. I would love to see that view in person!

  4. my sister lives in australia and she loves it - i am excited to go visit her very soon! looks so gorgeous!

  5. Rainbow beach does look pretty amazing. I would love to have gone to a place like this. And I think it would be worth the difficult climb there from the kind of views that you have.

  6. This beach looks beyond incredible. Definitely adding it to my bucket list of amazing places to visit :)

  7. The beach is one of my all time favorite places. How could it not be with views like that?

  8. what an adventure it must be to experience going there! I love escaping to places like teewah beach and I wish I lived near one

  9. Really beautiful photography, the sunset is amazing. Looks like a great adventure.

  10. Wow, just wow. This beach looks so amazing. I could spend all day there without an issue!

  11. Such beautiful pics. I wanted to go to a beach like that, all alone. Think and feel the peace and beauty of nature. Am sure you had a great experienced. Thanks for sharing.


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