Snapper Rocks With Goggle Pixel 3

Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast with Google Pixel 3

Some people don’t believe in magic. But that’s until they see their first breathtaking sunrise light show. Photographers believe in magic and sunrise landscape is a way to deliver it, to share it with others. Because when you share something great, it multiplies. 

Queensland beaches are pretty beautiful and I had a spare day so I decided to trek to Snapper Rocks for sunrise. Arriving in time for the spectacular sunrise, I spent a bit of time practicing capturing surfers and people on the rocks. 

The results were some Impressive images that made it worth the trip down. It also proved to be a whole lot of fun. Snapper Rocks just consistently is the most perfect warm water waves on the East Coast, smack in the middle of Australia’s urbanized surf-center on the southern border of Queensland.

Smartphone camera capabilities are getting better and better. The Google Pixel 3 is a clear sign of where the industry is going. Let me be clear, I love my camera. The ergonomics of the Nikon D600 and four lens make me go weak at the knees every time I use it. And the images, oh wow the images, well, I’m totally in love with them. But there is a key reason I hate carrying Nikon D600 and four lenses. 

I wanted something smaller, something more compact and easy to travel around with. You know what’s even smaller than the Nikon? The Google Pixel 3. The Google Pixel 3 says hello, buy the way this phones camera captures scenes in low light is truly impressive. Using technology they call Night Sight, they’ve been able to make the camera produce really good quality low light images. 

If someone was to message me, as they often do, and say “I just want a camera that I can take some quality snaps on when I’m out and about, what do you recommend?”, I’d absolutely suggest the Pixel 3 or 4. For the hobbyist photographer, what more could you actually want or need? However, if you’re more serious about photography, the quality isn’t there just yet, but It can’t compete with mid-range to premium DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

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